Obama Orders Israel Thrown To ‘Arab Wolves’ To Save Saudi Oil

Obama Orders Israel Thrown To ‘Arab Wolves’ To Save Saudi Oil 

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Just released secret cables detailing the talks held between President Medvedev and his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao at the start of the BRICS Summit, in Sanya, say that the personal letter hastily delivered  to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah [photo top left being bowed to by Obama] by President Obama’s top National Security adviser Thomas E. Donilon yesterday proves the American leader is prepared to throw Israel to the “Arab Wolves” in return for Saudi oil.

kingAccording to these cables, King Abdullah personally phoned Obama on 29 January and warned him not to humiliate embattled Egyptian President-for-life Hosni Mubarak and further stated that if the US withdrew its $1.5 Billion support to Egypt, Saudi Arabia would pay it instead.

Obama, however, refused to heed King Abdullah’s warning opting instead to back Egypt’s military that ousted Mubarak in coup and yesterday placed the former Egyptian President and his 2 sons in custody causing Mubarak to suffer a heart attack which has put him in hospital in what is described as an “unstable” condition.

So enraged did King Abdullah become after being spurned by Obama that he not only turned to both Russia and China for immediate support of his monarchy, he also ordered Saudi military troops and police to invade the neighboring Kingdom of Bahrain to put down a popular uprising that has seen thousands of protesters killed and jailed in what is the home of the American Navy’s 5th Fleet.

Though the revolution in Bahrain is still being censored from American news media outlets by Obama’s direct order, the same cannot be said of the rest of the World who stand appalled at the blatant hypocrisy that has left the US at a loss to explain its self-contradictions while it allows thousands to be killed by “friendly” dictatorial regimes, while bombing those of Nations it doesn’t like.

So insanely contradictory has US policy under Obama become, one of his top generals, US Africa Command (AFRICOM) General Carter Ham, warned this past week that many of the rebels the US and NATO are protecting in Libya are preparing to go to Iran or Afghanistan to fight and kill US Troops after they oust Kaddafi.

Even worse, new reports are emerging that the US frustration over the Libyan war has forced Washington to consider supporting al-Qaeda operatives and deploying American ground troops in Libya, while at the exact same time they are, also, said to be preparing to send American Troops into Yemen to fight al-Qaeda.

israelTo what the worst plan of Obama’s is, however, according to Chinese leader Hu these cables say, is his preparing to throw Israel to the “Arab Wolves” after agreeing in his letter to King Abdullah to allow the formation of a Palestinian state based on the borders that existed in 1967, meaning the Israelis would have to give up their capital city Jerusalem, which they have vowed they will never do.

Though this unprecedented and historic news of Obama’s changing of official US policy towards the Jewish state has been censored in the US, it has not been elsewhere, especially in Israel where the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot is reporting that the American’s will side with the United Nations to create a Palestinian state this September because of what “senior” US officials attribute to Obama’s latest stance to “the revolutions storming the Arab world.”

To anyone being able stop Obama from destroying Israel it appears unlikely, especially in light of him blocking a European bid to break the deadlock in the Middle East peace process at an International meeting that had been scheduled this week.

And in what has to be one of greatest historical ironies of all time, Spanish Crown Prince Felipe restated his Nation’s support for an independent Palestinian state during talks yesterday with Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas, a country, mind you, that in 1492 expelled all of its Jewish citizens.

To what Israel’s reaction will be to the treachery of Obama in selling them out to Saudi Arabia they have never made any secret of and describe it as the “Masada Complex” that is defined as “the conviction that it is preferable to fight to the end rather than to surrender and acquiesce to the loss of independent statehood.”

[Note: According to the 1st-century C.E. Jewish-cum-Roman historian Flaviu Josephus, after Rome destroyed Jerusalem and the Second Temple in 70, the Great Revolt ended-except for the surviving Zealots, who fled Jerusalem to the fortress of Masada, near the Dead Sea. There, they held out for three years. Once it became apparent that the Roman Tenth Legion’s battering rams and catapults would soon succeed in breaching Masada’s walls, Elazar ben Yair, the Zealots’ leader, decided that all the Jewish defenders should commit suicide. Interesting to note about Flaviu Josephus is that without him no record would exist of the events that occurred at Masada, but which in that same writing said that an Egyptian priest from Heliopolis named Osarseph was the true historical figure Moses was based upon.]

And to how monstrously brutal the United States under Obama has become one need look no further than the celebrated Rolling Stone Magazine writer Matt Taibbi, who in his latest article titled “The Real Housewives of Wall Street” on the “shadow economy” of America describes what can only be called the largest theft in human history, and as we can, in part, read:

“…following an act of Congress that has forced the Fed to open its books from the bailout era, this unofficial budget is for the first time becoming at least partially a matter of public record.  Staffers in the Senate and the House, whose queries about Fed spending have been rebuffed for nearly a century, are now poring over 21,000 transactions and discovering a host of outrages and lunacies in the “other” budget.

It is as though someone sat down and made a list of every individual on earth who actually did not need emergency financial assistance from the United States government, and then handed them the keys to the public treasure.

The Fed sent billions in bailout aid to banks in places like Mexico, Bahrain and Bavaria, billions more to a spate of Japanese car companies, more than $2 trillion in loans each to Citigroup and Morgan Stanley, and billions more to a string of lesser millionaires and billionaires with Cayman Islands addresses. “Our jaws are literally dropping as we’re reading this,” says Warren Gunnels, an aide to Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. “Every one of these transactions is outrageous.”

Most unfortunately in all of these events are the American people remaining willfully ignorant of them, and as they will soon discover, they have done so at their peril as the bodies of their Soldiers will soon count not just in the thousands, but in the millions as their war for oil shows no mercy or no bounds.


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